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B-Cure Laser Pro

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B-Cure Laser Pro is the most advanced model –  more power per treatment. 

B-Cure Laser Pro is suitable for applications at clinics by professionals as well as for home use. B-Cure Laser Pro is suitable for treatment of both acute and chronic conditions.

What is in the box:

  • B-Cure Laser Pro device
  • A charger
  • Three rechargeable batteries
  • IFU + treatment booklet
  • Carrying case


B-Cure Laser Pro is the most advanced model –  more power per treatment. 

B-Cure Laser Pro is suitable for applications at clinics by professionals as well as for home use. B-Cure Laser Pro is suitable for treatment of both acute and chronic conditions.

The Technology

The technology of B-Cure Laser

When laser light is absorbed by living tissue, it triggers biological responses in the cells, a process called biostimulation. A variety of endogenous chemical substances are produced in the cells and transported by blood and lymph flow to other areas of the system, and hence, the effects of cold laser light may be more than just local, and can also achieve wide systemic effects.

In many cases, unrelenting pain is the result of pressure on the nerve fibers. This pressure causes swelling and inflammation around the affected area. B-Cure Laser enlarges the blood vessels and lymph and enables filtering and cleaning of the inflamed area and the edema, thereby releasing the pressure on the nerve. Reducing the pressure leads to a decrease in the level of pain and allows the blood vessels and lymph to pump the energy needed to heal the damaged area. B-Cure Laser is effective and safe and can be safely used at home. B-Cure Laser has no known side effects and can be used on its own as an independent treatment or in combination with other conventional treatments, such as physical therapy.

How Does It Work?

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How to Use

How to use?

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B Cure Laser and Good Energies Ltd. are not a medical organization and any information displayed is not intended as diagnosis or medical advice. The medical information is provided for general information, educational purposes and as an overview of the intended use of our device, and should not be regarded as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional advice. The results from using our devices may vary between different individuals due to differences in medical history, genetics, age, gender and other factors. Further, you should always consult your physician or a qualified health care practitioner before using our devices. The use of the device and reliance on the information provided herein is at your own risk.
We have confidence in the effectiveness of our B-Cure Laser and encourage you to experience its benefits firsthand. However, if you find the device’s performance unsatisfactory, you have the option to return it and receive a refund. Please adhere to the following instructions: return the device in its original packaging, including all original parts and accompanying documentation, within 30 days of receipt. A full refund will be issued only for devices in “like-new” condition (i.e., undamaged, unscratched, etc.). Please contact us for return authorization. The warranty period spans 24 months as per company regulations. The manufacturer assumes responsibility for the performance, safety, and reliability of the equipment under the condition that all repairs are conducted solely by personnel authorized by the manufacturer. Instances where warranty coverage will not apply include: 1) Any malfunction resulting from operating the device in a manner that is inconsistent with the instructions for use and the user’s guide. 2) Any malfunction attributed to power outages, fire, water damage, or any event classified as Force Majeure (including earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes, or acts of war). 3) Damage resulting from a fall, breakage, negligence, or neglect by the user (including deliberate actions), accidents, exposure to dust and/or water, insertion of foreign objects, penetration of fluids, signs of moisture, or any form of corrosion. 4) Handling, altering, repairing, or attempting to repair the products by unauthorized individuals or in instances where the product details or serial number have been altered, erased, or removed. 5) Subjecting the device to sunlight, heat, or any form of liquid exposure. 6) Subjecting the device to sunlight, heat, or any form of liquid exposure. 7) Damage, whether direct or indirect, caused to the product due to unreasonable usage. 8) Damage, whether direct or indirect, caused to the product by the replacement of parts conducted by anyone other than the manufacturer, or by attempting to connect the device to equipment not authorized by the manufacturer. 9) Damage or defects resulting from incorrect use, improper combination of the product with another product, or the use of incorrect connection cables. The warranty does not cover the rechargeable batteries and the charger. The AAA rechargeable batteries are supposed to be replaced once every 12 to 18 months. It is important to make sure using AAA rechargeable batteries! In the unlikely event of a fault, please contact customer service.
Certainly. You can finish treating your knee, and move to your neck, and then if required, treat a burn on your hand. There is no limit to the number of treatments, and the treatment can be lengthened to a quarter of an hour on one particular spot. We recommend thoroughly treating one spot, and then moving on to the next, but you can certainly treat a number of locations simultaneously.
The directive is intended to prevent the increase of pain, in cases where inflammation has developed. If, after a one-and-a-half-minute treatment, no increase of pain is felt, it is recommended, for the following treatment, to go up to the full treatment protocol of six minutes, twice a day. If pain is felt, then the length of the treatment should be increased gradually, by approximately one additional minute per day, for each spot to be treated, until the full duration is reached.
In case of acute pain, it is recommended that you wait five minutes between each treatment, and to apply treatment as many times as possible. For the treatment of long-term pain, it is recommended to conduct two or three treatments every day, and then more if it suits the patient. There is no such thing as an overdose.
One has to place the device not through clothing, bandage, etc., except on open wounds, which should be treated from a distance of approximately 1cm from the area to be treated, in order to maintain hygiene. It is important not to press the device too strongly against the skin, as it will stop working. The B-Cure Laser should be placed lightly and motionless at a perpendicular angle to the direction of the area to be treated.

Technical specification

  • Energy per minute: 5J
  • Laser type: GaAIAs
  • Maximum power: 250mW
  • Wave length (infrared): 808nM
  • Pulse frequency: 10.9kHz
  • Laser pulse duration: 31.5μs
  • Diode lifespan: 1000 hours

ביקורות על המוצר

Prof. Daniel Reis, Orthopedic Surgeon, UK
“I think you will find a lot of patient satisfaction”
Dr. João Grangeiro, Chief Physician of the Brazilian Olympic Commitee
“It has a high efficacy tissue repair together with the pain relief for those
Gary Fenton, Holistic Therapist, UK
“I know it works from personal experience.”
Dr. Ed Shane, Rehabilitation specialist, Canada
“I strongly recommend the B-Cure Laser”
Mellisa Neville, Sports Therapy, UK
“It is an amazing piece of kit “
Prof. Jean Jacque Vatin, Rehabilitation specialist, France
“I recommend using this device because it could be an important part of the
Dr. Adahan, Pain Specialist, Canada
“It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s safe!”
Dr. David Ben-Kiki, Chiropractor, US
“It reaches areas in your body that conventional treatment will not reach”
Amy Beck, UK
I got the device for my mum who suffers with sciatic pain in the
Dr. Navtej Serna, UK
I procured a B-Cure Laser (Pro) in April, and posted it ,to a 91
Jen Rigg, UK
Excellent for arthritis and muscle spasms. I have had the Laser Pro for several
Saeeda Khan, UK
I have got a B-Cure Laser for just over 2 years now. It is
James Hume, UK
Excellent customer service and follow up. The product works really well , like much
Daphne King, UK
Amazing product and service. I use the B-Cure Laser pro daily for several conditions
Sarah Olley, UK
I first found out about B-Cure when I fractured my spine. I was in
Craig Ansell, UK
After speaking with Karl, I was set to finally get rid of my tennis
Lorraine Esposito, UK
I could not live without my wonderful laser. It really aids my walking using
J Brabin, UK
I have been using B-Cure Laser for the past 3 yearI have mainly used
Dr DG Salter, UK
An impressive device. I am medically qualified and researched this device quite carefully before
John R, UK
The B-Cure Laser has been amazingly effective for me over the last 2 years.
Garry Grant, UK
Best Purchase ever. I have used the B-Cure Laser for several months now and
Mrs Alison Giles, UK
I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip and following physio was told that
Susan Sharpes, UK
Great results. I think they are a great company, nothing is too much trouble,
Lee Watson Hall, UK
Thank goodness I took a chance on B-Cure. I had low or no expectations
Benjamin Quinn, UK
Had the device for about 6/7 weeks now and I can already see a
Mrs WR Holland, UK
I recently ordered the B-Cure Laser for a trial period. The ordering and delivery
Stephen Lipscombe, UK
The laser helps my arthritic knee.I can now do squats again!If I don’t take
Wendie Smith, UK
Cher arranged to call me at a set time to suit me. Rang bang
Karen Olah, UK
Brilliant device. I have been using my B-Cure Laser for nearly 2 years and
Sharon Zobali, UK
For me this treatment worked very well! I used it for both knees (mainly
Kevin Spencer, UK
This product has changed my life. To not be in pain is amazing feeling
Nigel Downton, UK
I have been very helpful with my B-Cure Laser and feel it has been
Peter Reed, UK
I have had my B-Cure Laser Pro 2 years and was experiencing stiffness in
Yvette Craig, UK
I have had my B-Cure Laser for about 8 months, I have a spinal
Sabiha Majid, UK
I’ve had B-Cure for a couple of years now, I use it on a
Nicky Corletto, UK
I had an issue with the laser not working so I contacted the company
Margaret Snow, UK
B-Cure arrived promptly and was well packaged. I have been using it for four
Robert Lewis, UK
B-Sure with B-Cure. I purchased the Laser about 18 months ago to find when
Vas Sima, UK
I’ve purchased one of this ,B-Cure Laser, back in April 2021.For a man with
Elizabeth Manuel, UK
the B-Cure Laser is indeed a little miracle! Excellent customer service. Having struggled with
Paul, UK
After suffering since 2005 with severe right leg pain and various treatments over the
Mr Morgan, UK
B-Cure is a magic machine! We have had a B-Cure laser for 3 years.
Dr. Bronwen Hanley, Chiropractor, UK
“Being able to use something like B-Cure is really helpful”
Ryan Smith, Physiotherapist, UK
“Benefits of treatments like the B-Cure Laser are fantastic because the players are always
Will Garvey, Physiotherapist, UK
“A small gain in a player’s getting back on pitch is a huge advantage
Dr. David Irons, Emergency Medicine, UK
“I’ve seen that it can speed up my recovery dramatically”
Jenine Saunders, Physiotherapist, Canada
“Over 80% of patients experienced a reduction in pain”
David Smith, Podiatrist, UK
“Our patients are getting better”
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